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Outdoor Chaise & Lounge Chairs

Outdoor Chaise & Lounge Chairs

Nicely decorated outdoor areas are a good place to get away from   the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax a little.  But no piece of furniture would when it   comes to looking good and being comfortable.

Here are our 4 expert tips on choosing the best loungers and   lounge chairs for your carefully designed outdoor areas.

Do you   have enough space for a chaise lounge chair?

The chaise longue is naturally a large piece of furniture.  It is designed so that a person can sit   back comfortably while completely relaxed.    It’s difficult to sit in a confined space.

Ideally, you have a pool area or a small garden that can   comfortably accommodate at least two to three lounges without looking   crowded.  While some folding armchairs   are available in the market, they tend to be of poor quality and ugly   design.

  • For a spacious outdoor area, you can use larger parts and whole   lounge sets “Islands” of habitat.
  • Choose the purpose of your outdoor space.  Do you want to create an outdoor dining   area or living area to entertain your guests?    For a dining area you will need lots of long tables to   the chairsSo you have to plan enough space for it.  If you’re looking for a living area   instead, you can go with it a more informal distribution of   lounges with a side table or two for snacks.
  • If this is a pool that you are shopping for, you need to leave   enough space around the chairs as well.    A minimum of 30 inches from the edge of the   pool Any patio furniture is recommended along with   at least a 3 foot wide path for unhindered   movement.
  • Likewise, it is best to create something on a smaller terrace   a bubble of relaxation instead of a full-fledged   lounge area with several pieces of furniture.

What   is the right material for outdoor chaise longues and lounge   chairs?

When choosing materials for patio furniture, keep in mind that   your parts will be used constantly exposed to the   elements.  Therefore,   you need to take into account not only the current shape and price, but also   the durability of the chair, which will determine the level of maintenance   required.

Softwood Chairs are very popular for   furniture of all types because they are cheap and look good.  But softwoods like pine are not and will be   as durable get scratched and dented over timeand   have to be repainted regularly.    Therefore, softwood is a poor choice for outdoor chaise longues.

Hardwoods are a bit better in this   regard, as the material is very resistant and durable.  That said, if you leave your hardwood   chairs outside, you have to rest and repaint   regularly them to keep their shine.  Even so, hardwood is a good material for   garden furniture.

teak is the best material if you   prefer a “woody” look.  Not   only is it far more durable than other types of wood, but also because of its   natural oil content remains well protected from pests and the   weather to.  Maintenance   is just a matter of the occasional application of teak oil or aging to a   silver patina.  So, if you’re willing   to pay the cost, teak is a great material for outdoor lounge   chairs.

Among the metals aluminum is the   preferred choice for garden furniture.    It is light, rust-free and almost maintenance-free.  A powder-coated aluminum deck chair is the   perfect option for a modern ensemble.

But by far the best material for outdoor chaise longues and lounge   chairs is High density polyethylene (HDPE)   Wood.  HDPE synthetic resin lumber is   known for building solid, high quality furniture that exudes luxury and   comfort.

It just needs to be wiped down with a solution of water and mild   dish soap to keep it shine, and can easily last a   lifetime.  The only   downside is that HDPE furniture is rather expensive.  However, if you can afford to invest the   amount, HDPE loungers and lounge chairs can add a strong and stylish look to   your outdoor areas.

What   kind of complementary furniture is needed for outdoor lounge chairs and   lounge chairs?

Chaise longues are all about relaxation.  To make you more comfortable, there are   many side dishes and accessories that you can use next to your loungers and   lounge chairs outdoors.

  • You need pillow.  Lots of pillows.  Don’t go with standard upholstery,   however;  The fabric would stain and   degrade pretty quickly outdoors.    Instead, opt for synthetic fabrics like Vinyl or   polypropylene These are water and light resistant to make your   pillows.

  • If you have the space, consider buying it a complete   lounge set.  The lounge   sets include various combinations of chairs, sofas, chaise longues, coffee   tables and end tables, giving you everything you need for a full outdoor   seating arrangement.  While it is a   little pricey, it makes sure all of your furniture is there on   the same page in terms of style and shape.

How   can you get your chaise lounge chairs?

While we all love to enjoy the warm outdoor weather and sunbathe   on your lounge chairs, in winter you will likely be found around your   home.  But what about all that   expensive furniture?  Are you going to   let it rot outside, pelted by rain and hailstorms?

Of course not.  While   smaller pieces of furniture tend to be moved into a shed or   garage In bad weather, this is hardly possible for your large   loungers and lounge chairs unless you opt for a foldable   option.

A better choice for most people would be to use chaise longue   covers.  These covers are made of high   quality, durable fabrics to protect your garden furniture.  Choose water-repellent   covers that can be attached to stay in windy   conditions.

Polyester canvas is a good material   for a lounge cover if you are not against synthetics as they are strong,   light and waterproof.  Otherwise you   can go with a dense cotton cover (against gusty   winds) with a vinyl coating to protect your deck chairs.