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L-Shaped Executive Desk

L-Shaped Executive Desk

If you carefully observe the corner areas of most offices or   homes, you will find that most are underutilized.  This is not a surprise as corners are   difficult to work with.  Fortunately,   an L-shaped executive desk is perfectly adapted in the corners and offers you   more work surface and storage space.    If you’re buying an L-shaped desk, you probably know this for sure.  

To help you with your shopping chore, this article features ten of   the best L-shaped executive desks available online.  Below is also a guide on how to choose the   best one for your specific situation.

Hillsdale   L-shape desk with Hutch

It’s an L-shaped executive desk that adopts a contemporary style.  It comes in a heather gray color with   matching chrome hardware.  Hence, it   can work well in most interior design settings, whether in the office or at   home.

The durability of the piece is probably above average, considering   that it is a mixture of solid wood and wood-based materials.  It also offers plenty of storage space and   shelf space.  It’s not too expensive   and offers great durability and functionality.

Alves L-Shape   Executive Desk

This L-shaped desk has a streamlined structure and clean   lines.  It’s an excellent choice if   you’re looking for something that is minimalist in design.

The piece is made from Canada and consists mainly of high quality   chipboard.  As a result, you can safely   expect the item to be budget-friendly and relatively durable.

The desk has two drawers and seven open shelves.  One drawer is specially designed for   storing A4 files and legal documents.

Toledo   L-shaped executive desk with hutch

Toledo is an L-shaped desk with a stall that gives you more   storage space and functionality.  The   stable has a single covered shelf and six open shelves.  The central covered shelf has a transparent   window that adds style and keeps the items inside a little more   secure.

The desk has four USB ports integrated into the main   platform.  This is a bit above average   as most only offer two ports.

Seger L-Shape   Executive Desk

This L-shaped desk has a classic design with added durability.  The desk is made of solid wood with a   cherry veneer.  Therefore, you can   assume that this desk will last a very long time.

Although it has a traditional look, it comes with a compartment   specially designed for a keyboard and mouse combo.  It offers ample legroom, which makes it a   great option if you have a CPU unit.    It’s a desk that has the classic feel of the traditional but can work   well in the modern world.

Karla Executive   Desk

Here we have an L-shaped desk with a thin profile and a two-tone   color scheme.  If you are looking for   an L-shaped desk that is contemporary, modern or minimalist, you will hardly   go wrong with this desk.

In addition, the neutral color pairs well with most interior   design settings.  The desk has three   drawers.  One drawer is equipped with a   lock and key so you can store valuables.    It also comes with a keyboard tray and a drawer for A4 files.  

Flannagan L-Shape   Executive Desk

This L-shaped desk was designed for a purpose and that is   luxury.  This piece is packed with   high-end features both inside and out.

The desk is made of solid fabrics, especially maple hardwood.  It has box drawers lined with felt on black   metal slides and a ball-bearing sliding mechanism.  With a keyboard tray and cable grommet,   it’s an executive L-shaped desk that is compatible in this day and age.  

The chocolate patina also improves the professional appearance.  

Limon L-Form   Executive Desk

A desk that highlights the natural beauty of wood.  It comes with a medium oak finish that   gives the desk a warm and cozy glow.    Because the manufacturing process does not affect the natural grain   pattern of the wood, each product is unique in its own way.

In addition to the attractive aesthetics, the desk is also   designed to be durable.  The desk is   mainly made of solid hardwood and oak veneer.    It also comes with a keyboard shelf and seven drawers.  

Executive desk with   10 drawers

If there is one word to describe this L-shaped desk, it has to be   “great”.  The piece is   massive, finely processed and beautiful.    The desk is adorned with exquisite details.  With hardwoods and mahogany veneers, it’s   just as durable as it is elegant.

Despite the charm of the “old world”, this desk is   compatible with the information age thanks to the integrated power strip and   cable sleeve.  The desk also has ten   drawers.  It is unlikely that this desk   will run out of storage space.

Modern L-shaped   executive desk

Modern white executive   desk

This L-shaped desk is impressive and offers you a very spacious   work area.  Everything about it conveys   a modern look from the “floating desk” design, the beveled edge to   the slim profile.

Don’t let the thin construction fool you into thinking it’s not a   permanent piece.  Made mainly of metal,   it is resistant to nicks, scratches, rust and stains.  Moisture and water damage are also nothing   to worry about.

Despite the limited storage space of three drawers, this more than   makes up for the enormous space requirement.

How to   choose an L-Shape Executive Desk

One of the first things you’ll notice when purchasing an L-shaped   executive desk is the abundance of types and varieties.  It is always good to have many options because   you can always find the one that is “perfect” for your   situation.  On the other hand, the   choices can be confusing too.

The shopping assignment is a lot easier when you know what to look   for before you start.  Hence, you   should define as clearly as possible the type of L-shaped desk you want or   need.  In this way you eliminate the   unnecessary options, so that you have a manageable selection list.  

If you’re struggling to define what you want or need, this article   can help you with a buying guide.


The L-shaped desk is different in that it has a general shape that   resembles the letter “L”.    The great thing about this shape is that it allows you to maximize a   corner space.  However, the shape has   one major disadvantage.

The L-shape is solid and “locked” on one side.  It’s not like a rectangular desk that you   can just flip over and make it work.

Before you even start shopping, you’ll want to know if you’re   looking for a right or left-facing L-shaped executive desk.  This is a critical step, and failure to do   so would generally lead to a serious headache.


An L-shaped executive desk can be made of either wood or   metal.  The main material of an   L-shaped executive desk is a factor that you have to seriously evaluate as it   has a significant impact on the longevity, cost and of course the appearance   of the desk.  Wood is the traditional   material for desks.  In general, a   wooden L-shaped desk is often considered to be more luxurious and   elegant.  You also have more choices   with wooden tables than with metal tables.    The downside with wood is that it doesn’t play well with moisture and   water.  Therefore, more maintenance is   required.  Plus, it is usually more   expensive compared to a metal desk.

Another thing to consider is the type of wood that will be used to   make your new desk.  The typical types   of wood typically include particle board, manufactured wood, and solid wood.  

Solid wood is the most durable option, but also the most   expensive.  Particleboard is the most   economical choice, but also the most fragile.    Manufactured wood is in the middle of chipboard and solid wood in   terms of durability and cost.

A desk that is mainly made of metal has the advantage that it is   more durable than wood.  You don’t need   to worry too much about nicks, scratches, smudges, and maintenance,   either.  When you buy a good quality   stainless steel type, you definitely don’t have to worry about rust.  Metal tables are attractive options because   they are lighter and more portable.  On   the other hand, metal tables don’t usually age well.  Also, your options are usually limited to   contemporary, modern, or minimalist styles.

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