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How can you refinish hardwood floors?

How can you refinish hardwood floors?

Refinishing   hardwood floors isn’t as simple as it may seem. Hardwood ages and also gets   better with time. Instead of rushing to a sander immediately after spotting   scratches, you need to consider a few things first. You can either opt for   professional contractors or you can do it yourself. However, doing things   oneself can prove out to be a big task. The task would require you to divert   foot traffic and also to clear up the space.

Refinishing hardwood floors can be a drastic   remedy

People carry out refinishing many a times unnecessarily. Based on   the condition of the floor, this may be causing more harm to the floor than   good. For instance, the grain patterns can be sanded. Many a times the   intrusive and less expensive alternative may prove out to be the   best.

Carry out a proper examination of the   floor

You need to carry out a proper floor inspection before initiating   any refinishing task pertaining to your hardwood flooring. If you can spot   light surface scratches and a faded finish, then you can consider an   application of floor finish by screening the floor. Fill in the scratches if   any for floor restoration and also to impart the lustre to the   flooring.

If after inspection if you can see the flooring sagging, warped or   extensive deep scratches, then you need to consider having the flooring   replaced entirely. In such cases the damage can be controlled by replacing   few boards. Refinishing can be considered in the floors where the finish has   remained off for quite a long time. You can always get help from   professionals when you are in doubt about the condition of the   floor.

Things to consider before initiating the refinishing   process 

You need to first figure out whether the flooring has been   engineered or has been laminated. The flooring that has been engineered   consists of wood layers that have been glued together. The topmost layer is   thin and can stand sanding only for a certain number of times. As the error   margin is low, you need to opt for professionals for the purpose. When the   flooring has been engineered, the flooring durability is   reduced.

Laminate floors do not need finishing. Several considerations need   to be made when your flooring comprises of wood. People face challenges while   trying to restore maple floors. In such cases, professional help becomes   crucial.

Carry out your   research

If you want to increase the value of your property, then it is vital   for you to have the damages restored. Astonishing results can be gained with   refinishing. Make sure you do proper research and have the damages   rectified.

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