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Fan Ideas

Fan Ideas

You have personal (mini fan), table, floor, wall and   window models choose from.

Personal fans (mini   fans)

These are the practical, easy-to-use models that sit nicely next   to you and offer cool air for productivity.    They’re usually available as Box type, drum type or mini   towers.  They have 2-3   speed adjustments, wide oscillation and inclination mechanisms and are   available in attractive sandblasted, powder-coated or painted versions.

Wear these personal fans wherever you go or even   give them away as a unique gift!

Table fans

From retro looks to classic decorative or contemporary chic, table   fans these days have many style statements that go well with a range of   interior decors. Choose a style that suits your taste.  Note, however, that you will be using your   desk fan in different rooms and locations.    Hence, a neutral, adaptable style, color, and appearance are ideal   choices.  How about a polished gray,   white, or bronze?

Some unique advantages of table fans:

  • You can place them at different   heightswith which you can determine the height of your air   throw.  As a general rule,   Place the table fan approximately at the same height as your   work surface. For example, if you work at a desk, place the   desk fan at the same height as your desktop.

  • Because of their vibration, Table fans can cover an   area of ??180 ^ 0 ^ with their air sweeper.  This is very useful in small and   medium-sized rooms where the desk fan will cover the entire room if you place   it in a corner.

  • Since the airflow from table fans is more directional, this is the   case more effective at removing unpleasant odors and kitchen   odors.

  • A table fan is used up Energy worth just 0.7 cents   per hourcompared to 1 cent / hour of a ceiling   fan.

Next, check that the model you are about to buy has these   important features:

  • 3-stage speed control
  • Rear handle for lifting the fan
  • 6 ‘power cord
  • Robust rubber pads on the base to absorb vibrations   and keep the fan firmly in place    
  • Manual tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt the fan up or down   to direct the airflow exactly where you want.

Floor fans

So a standing fan as stylish as it is   efficient – that should be yours Benchmark   if you are looking for a good floor fan.    And the market won’t let you down.    Nowadays there are many options to choose from different   types:

  • base– the universal floor fan with   disc base and long stem to which the fan is attached.

  • tower – Designed according to the   skyscraper concept, it houses the fan in a long and slim   housing.

  • Cradle fan that’s exactly that – the   three wings nestle in a cozy enclosure.

  • box – a variant of a weighing fan   with a box-shaped housing.

With the above range, you can easily find a floor fan that will   suit your decor while efficiently keeping your space cool.  Taking the portability factor into account,   manufacturers offer a wide range of universal colors and attractions.  These include:

  • White or black for universal adaptability to all room decor   types

  • Metal surfaces for softly tinted walls, one of which is covered   with floral wallpaper and a deep sinking sofa

  • Dark gray, maroon and brown tones – walls in additional colors,   wooden furniture and seating arrangements with contrasting   cushions.

Whichever floor fan you choose, check whether it has the following   key features:

  • Large blades for rich, cool air throw
  •     Blade angles from 12 ° to 15 °which helps to   optimize air throw and circulation
  • Full vibration
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Efficient and quiet motor for intelligent air   throw

All said and done, floor fans are unique in their concept   because they can cool open spaces without a   ceiling. Move your porch, patio or patio anywhere and make   your summer evenings airy and cool.    Advanced models are available with remote control.

Mounted on the wall

These plug-in fans are installed vertically Save   your floor or desktop space.    As such, they are great for compact spaces.  They are above normal height and allow free   movement.  It is important that the   Air at this altitude is light and not condensed like air close   to the ground.    Therefore, Wall fans provide very efficient airflow with   increased force. This benefit can be maximized with the slope   function.

Wall fans are also Ideal for odd shaped and low   small spaces where it is difficult to install a ceiling fan.  They’re also great for   kitchens.

On the other hand are wall fans not   portable.  In addition,   permanent installations, You need to choose their location   carefully, taking these factors into account::

  • Proximity to a power plug

  • Installation location – the The center of a wall   across from a window is ideal.    It improves ventilation by circulating the air that goes in and out   through the window.

  • height – It depends on the size of   the room and the engine power.  The   general rule is to Install the fan three-quarters high of a   room.  If your room has   a 10 ‘ceiling, install the fan about 7’ to 7½ ‘high.  This also provides sufficient ground   clearance.

Modern wall fans are carefully designed to fit into a variety of   decors and settings.  To each his   own.  To be on the safe side, follow the   law of neutrality and choose a white, black, or brown wall   fan.

Window fitting

These are reversible window-mounted fan with two   adjacent fan units.    Unlike the other types of fans that circulate indoor air, window fans   draw fresh outdoor air into the room, which improves the air quality of the   room. By reversing the direction of the fans, you can use this   fan as an exhaust. suck out the stale room   air.

Before considering the window ventilator, consider the following   points:

  • You need a large window for the fan with an average dimension of   approx. 12 “H x 24” W x 6   “D.

  • To maximize utility, You’ll also need a room over   250 square feet in size.

  • Window ventilators are best suited for special climatic conditions   such as hot and humid regions or those with unpleasant smells   and smells.

If you think you need this type of fan, choose a cool, bright one   from the wide range on the market.

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