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Decorative Wall Mount Fans

Decorative Wall Mount Fans

Summer is a time when people work hard and play hard.  Then they sweat – a lot.  Air conditioning has made the interior of   our homes more comfortable, but it doesn’t work outdoors or in highly   ventilated areas.  A breeze blowing   over your damp skin will refresh and lower your body temperature, but Mother   Nature doesn’t always offer one, especially if you’re working in an area that   isn’t entirely outdoors or on a day when the air is still and too warm.  This is where a wall-mounted fan can be an   excellent device.

Advantages of wall fans

A wall fan, like a ceiling fan, does not take up valuable   space.  Lots of wall-mounted fans are   connected, which avoids the cabling that can lead to danger.  Even if the wall-mounted fan requires an   electrical outlet, it is less difficult to train the cord so that it is not   water sensitive or tripping someone.

Differences between wall fans

Not all fans that can be mounted on walls are created equal.  Some have sleek or beautiful fittings,   making them great choices for your porch or patio.  Others are more functional and suitable for   your garage, greenhouse, or barn.  Some   are designed to operate in areas where moisture is an issue – such as a   greenhouse, while others require protection.    Fans of all kinds include those who blow in one direction while others   are oscillating fans who move to spread their breeze.  Wall fans are no exception.  The amount of air they can move and their   speed also vary.

How fans help you cool off

While it is sometimes considered rude to say this, people sweat to   regulate their core temperature.  The   thermometer climbs and your pores radiate moisture to make you feel more   comfortable.  In contrast to an air   conditioning system or even a sump cooler, a fan does not cool the air   flowing through it.  Instead, it blows   over your moisture-cooled flesh, helping your sweat feel cooler.  Here you will find a collection of wall   fans, some decorative, others functional, so you can work and play more   comfortably in the summer.

Three-blade fan

Not all areas around your home are suitable for air   conditioning.  These include screened   porches, open-air garages, and similar locations.  Even in rooms where air conditioning is   possible, moving the air can make it feel cooler.  A wall-mounted three-blade fan combines the   height of a ceiling fan and is easy to use.    The Hadlee Three Bladed fan could be the answer to those hard-to-cool   rooms.

Outside wall fan

Do you love your terrace but hate those windless days?  The 13 inch Melody Bronze outdoor wall fan   could be the perfect solution for creating your own breeze.  This fan is approved for humid areas and is   carried by an elegant gooseneck bracket.    It can make the difference between enjoyment and misery in your lounge   by the pool or on your terrace.  It can   even work in a greenhouse.

Old Havana Outdoor   Fan

Bring your own breeze with elegance and old world style.  The old Havana outdoor fan is a wall fan   that is approved for use on patios and under awnings.  The rust-colored, elegant bracket is   unidirectional, which means that the breeze is directed towards one area –   for example your favorite lawn chair.    It has three speeds for your added convenience.

Comfort on your   veranda

The 13 inch oiled bronze wall mounted fan can add comfort to your   southern style porch.  In the old southern   United States, homes with wide verandas were preferred because they allowed   the family to sit outside with relative comfort.  The air conditioning changed quite a bit,   but with a breeze of air you can still sip cooling drinks and watch the   fireflies dance on the lawn.

Oscillating fan with   four blades

Do you need that chilled porch or patio for a party or event?  A chrome-colored four-blade oscillation fan   could be the answer to shared comfort.    A practical wall switch makes it easy to turn on the fans when needed   and saves electricity when not.  The   chrome color can be combined well with bright lights to create a less strong   decorative effect.

Easy to assemble   oscillating wall fan

Perfect for those corners of your home where the air seems to be   holding and heating up unbearably.    This oscillating fan is easy to assemble and can be controlled via the   middle button or via the pull chords.    It requires a plug – it is not hard-wired, which may be its own   convenience.  The device is black in   color and has a three-blade fan.

13 inch brushed   nickel fan

This 13-inch oscillating fan is wall-mounted on a beautiful   brushed nickel bracket and provides ventilation.  This is a place where a little air movement   is appreciated.  This can be near the   outdoor grill, your favorite patio chair, or the porch swing.  It goes well with white wicker or similar   light-colored furniture.

Convertible wall   fan

This Savoy wall fan comes with a six-foot cord.  It can be plugged into an outlet or plugged   into the house.  It is suitable for   outdoor use and is resistant to damp conditions, but should be under   protection such as an awning or porch.    It can be used with a remote control, but the remote control is not   included.

General purpose wall   fan

The Hurricane Super 8 is an amazing all-purpose wall-mounted fan.  The airflow of eight is suitable for better   circulation.  It can be programmed to   three different speeds and three vibration patterns.  It can be used in your home, greenhouse,   garage, porch, patio, or just about any place where air needs to move and   ventilation needs to be improved.    While no fan is completely silent, it generates less noise than other   inline fans.

Master of the fans

When it comes to outdoor fans, this one does it all.  The 30 watt high-speed Master Mac wall fan   is suitable for use in garages, barns and other warm places where the summer   brings a lot of work.  It has high   airflow – 8500 CFM – and a one year warranty.    Summer brings outdoor work and fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t   have a cool breeze along the way.