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Decorative Metal Wall Panels

Decorative Metal Wall Panels

Make your home an architectural marvel with decorative metal wall   panels in an affordable and unique way!    Decorating with unique decorative metal wall panels is the easiest way   to turn walls into great focal points.    Your room desperately needs a decorative wall panel if you want to   upgrade its look and give it more character.    Read our quick guide below to make sure you get the right piece for   your home.

Material and portability

Since decorative metal wall panels are intended to be mounted on   walls, they must be lightweight and portable.    The lightest material available is sheet metal.  It looks extra heavy optically, especially   when laser cut, but it’s light enough that it can stay on any wall after   mounting.  Portability will come in   handy when moving between homes.  It’s   our job to let you know that the market is currently littered with decorative   wall panels made from a combination of wood and metal.  If you like a piece of wood and metal, make   sure the frame is sealed for long lasting performance.

Design and color

Of course, you need to make sure that the piece you buy   complements or matches the existing decor of your home.  Decorative metal wall panels come in all   styles from traditional to contemporary to modern.  Choose the one that is unlikely to   interfere with the cohesive look of your space.  Its style should also not conflict with the   furnishing of the room.  Lighter,   lighter, and more affordable wall decor panels are best for urban, versatile,   and casual interiors.  Conversely,   darker, heavier and thicker wall panels are more likely to complement a more   traditional and formal interior design, including professional office   furnishings.  Now it is time for you to   discover incredible works of art to use as decorative metal wall panels!  Here are our top tips:

Clemmie panel wall   decoration

Add a beautiful work of art to your space with the Clemmie Panel   Wall Decor by August Grove.  The frame   is given a natural tan finish to create a relaxed atmosphere, which is also   highlighted by the symmetrical and organic pattern of the piece.  It inspires natural materials and   landscapes and can seamlessly complement contemporary   aesthetics.

This floral wall decor panel transforms your living room with   instant style.  With its high-quality   construction and floral pattern, it creates an upscale space and at the same   time enhances your interior design.    Try it, we are sure you will love the beautiful champagne and bronze   flowers.

Made of wrought iron and metal, this simple decorative panel is   aesthetically superior and blends seamlessly into any living environment or   style.  The design is characterized by   a rather peaceful and natural appearance that can enhance any   environment.  It’s best mounted on a   wall as it arrives at your doorstep ready to hang.

This masterpiece by Zipcode Design creates a beautiful effect in   natural light.  It is a perfect   addition to a garden or an outdoor living space.  Compared to all other decorative metal wall   panels available on the market today, this one features a very open and light   pattern of three oversized poppies.    This piece is great for adding a visual ambient effect to a   wall.

The natural finish of the product can be used in any living   room.  What we love about this piece of   art, however, is that it can easily be coated in the color you love.  The wooden frame was pre-sealed with a   water-based UV ceiling sealant to ensure years of use.  This wood and metal plate is quite large so   it can easily fill a blank wall.

This antique wood and metal wall panel has an intricate pattern   with a classic style.  Because of its   size, it is a panel that can be used to create a stylish but low-key room   divider or a unique piece of art on a wall.    The highlight of this product is the high-quality metal, which ensures   a permanent beautification of your private room.

The perfect alternative to paintings and other types of wall   decorations, this decorative wood and metal wall panel can be the focal point   of your room with its sophisticated pattern and eye-catching finish.  It has the ability to transform the simple   decor of your space into an extraordinary space with a lot of   character.

This set of three mirror wall panels has a geometric pattern with   a contemporary silhouette.  The mirror   accents are modeled after air bubbles.    What makes this a great option for modern living spaces is the   sophisticated and remarkable design that is sure to turn heads while   stimulating everyone’s senses.

Last but not least is this botanically inspired decorative steel   wall panel from Be Metal Be.  It is a   premium product that has been released from a premium price tag to give   homeowners the perfect accent to their home decor.  The screen is flat to maximize its   potential uses and has pre-drilled holes for quick and easy   installation.

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