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Tips for bathroom vanity lights

Bathrooms   are the spaces that have the quality of having you individually and can give   you the sense of utter disgust or utter comfort and freshness based on the   way you design it. The way you want to feel in the private space is all in   …

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Boost ambiance with bathroom mirror lights

A futuristic home looks exclusive   with some jazzy and brilliant light. Bathroom is the place where you can   pamper yourself. Modernistic lighting in the bathroom adds a glam feature to   it and creates an exquisite ambiance.  The style and mirror lights makes   the bathroom interior glamorous. …

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A modern art of lighting “pendant lighting”

“Pendant light” means a type of   decorative light which is hangs from the ceiling. It is usually supported by   a chain, cord, or metal rod. The huge verity of pendants is available in the   market. It can be made from metal, glass or plastic etc. It has …

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Smart bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom is a place to relax and   recharge. It’s the room from where you start your day. So, the interior of   the bathroom should be magnetic. Lighting in bathroom can change the whole   scenario. A proper lighting can make the bathroom look fresh and rejuvenated.   A …

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Types of ceiling lights for home decor

Today lighting is not just about   superior high brightness but also about eco-friendly illuminations and cost   effective retrofit solutions. Pendant ceiling Lights are classic looking   designer lightings. They illuminate precisely the place you like, like a   small spotlight over a small table or kitchen island. Because …

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Attractive wood chandelier

Early   19th century rich people love to keep cut-glass   wood chandelier. Chandelier is a type of ornate, and usually use   lamps. Wood chandelier can find in living room and hallways. These   designs are prettier and quite functional. Now a day, costumers demanding   more wood chandelier. Chandelier is a status symbol …

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