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Barcelona Stool Ideas

Barcelona Stool Ideas

The Barcelona stool was presented to the public at the 1929   International Exhibition in Barcelona along with the famous Barcelona   chair.  Both the chair and the stool   were designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich and therefore share   the same design features.  The look of   the stool is very simple, but luxurious and sophisticated.  The ottoman consists of two main   components: a stainless steel frame and a tufted leather cushion.  The frame consists of two x-shaped sections   that serve as a support for the pillow.    Its unique X shape is achieved through the use of curved steel strips   that are welded at the interface.  The   welds are ground and polished, which gives the frame a smoother look and   looks like a single, seamless piece of metal.    The pillow is made of cowhide.    After cutting into square sections, the leather is tufted and framed   to form a rectangular cushion and placed on leather straps that are riveted   to the frame of the stool.  The stool   is made with great attention to detail, which makes it simply stunning.  The stool, together with its better-known   relative, the Barcelona Chair, set a new standard in 20th century interior   design.

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