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OZCO Covered Patio & Pergola Project #338

OZCO Covered Patio & Pergola Project #338

Whether it's a bright sunny day or a cloudy summer day, people love to spend time outside the bedroom or living room to enjoy the weather at its peak. Spending free time in the courtyard or backyard on your patio is an ideal way of relaxation for many people. But all this fun comes to an end when your deck is not covered and you need to walk inside to avoid heavy rain or strong sunlight. So you can design your terrace according to the following ideas.


This type of terrace roofing is made of metal or wood, if you want to give your patio roof a traditional and artistic look, then opt for wood material. This type of decking is built over vertical pillars. You can also decorate the column by growing creepers on it. On the pillar, a light beam is installed, which serves as the roof of the terrace. This decking is not recommended, as it does not protect you from rain.


The installation of a waterproof terrace cover can be done with canvas material. This canvas is tied to the arbor and acts as an umbrella for your terrace. This kind of waterproof canvas patio cover is removable.


It is a solid structure with octagonal shape and sloping roof and open sides. They offer you free space for a beetle on your terrace.

Choose one of your favorite patio coverings and enjoy different seasons.