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Window Valances Design

Window Valances are short curtains or curtains that cover the top of the window and obscure the window fittings. Window curtains are often used in conjunction with blinds, curtains or curtains and can certainly improve their appearance.

Venetian blinds are neutral flounces and can give a touch of color and elegance by not only hiding the fittings but also weakening the appearance of the window with the flow of material. Through a simple window front, a small room can feel airy and open.

Window valises are of many types such as a balloon flounces, a pleated flounce and the booty. A balloon valance has many layers, but for a dimensional appearance, fillers are placed between the layers for a more complete look. The pleats can have a box fold, a distance fold or a crease and are usually found in high-quality curtains.

A "jabot" creates a textured or unstructured drape effect, while a "swag" is raised in the middle and long at the sides. A vaulted valance is a decorative valance of fabric with a bow and a center fold to achieve a coordinating effect.

A rolled valance can serve as a curtain if required or be rolled with bows and knots to the desired height. Flounces can be decorated with tassels, ruffles or scallops to give the window a Victorian look. Setting up window sashes is therefore an excellent way to give the existing decor a beautiful look.