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The mast barn is a very simplified approach to adapt the framing technique to the use of wood. Large piles are used, either buried in the ground or placed on any foundations that serve as the basis for structural support. This technique became very popular in the 1930s.

Recently, the trend towards pile dwellings has increased and has been inspired by the topic of stilted pens. These can be used for commercial purposes, picnic accommodation, as storage buildings and as homes. The rods used for this purpose are specially treated woods. These are cheaper and take less time to build.

Mast buildings are most commonly used as storage buildings. Previously, these were used on farms. Today, these are even used to store boats, cars, household items and as a commercial or residential garage.

Due to the interior of the mast barn, these can even be used as small shops on the houses. It's a cool idea to use a stake barn as a full-time or part-time habitable building, and this concept is gaining immense popularity today.

In such cases, you will need to consider the effluent and site drainage policies. You must make sure that the foundation is in order once the barn has been built. Roof insulation, drainage, proper interior and wall insulation must be taken into account, especially if you live in a region exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Polscheune is a temporary structure and is inexpensive. In order to build a permanent structure, certain aspects have to be considered in order to make it a living unit.