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65 Small Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

If you're looking for ways to make your garden more interesting and attractive, consider using these creative pool designs for that purpose. You can turn your boring garden into a focal point by adding a small pool. You can consider creative designs and shapes for your pool.

A pool completely transforms a place. You can include a lounge area and make some space for green to make the place look inviting. You can even customize your pool to your garden size and shape. You may consider having a modern backyard swimming pool. You can integrate vegetation, trees and mood lighting to give your garden a magical look.

You can consider more pool designs if you have more space. With an old school and a rugged design you can achieve a dramatic effect. A classic look gives a rectangular shaped pool. You can even consider unusual pool designs.

The surrounding landscape makes the garden more versatile. Pool designs with organic shapes can also be considered for an interesting design. This makes the pool appear more like a small lake. Interesting features can be added to the pool to highlight them. A simple waterfall can provide a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere.

You can also consider the Mediterranean style, as it is easy to distinguish and more impressive. The pools are elegant and offer a nice combination of sophistication and simplicity. You need to check the shape of the backyard to determine the location of the pool and how it should be shaped.